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How About Just Staying In Business

A manager once asked his cheese this question. Well, it could have been phrased in so many different ways.This little chap, a bright-eyed boy with bright ideas at the back of his head, was thinking along the lines of a business continuity plan panama city fl model.

His department wasn’t running so good. And neither was his cheese’s. Of course, the cheese just so happened to be the head honcho of his department. No wonder it was not working out.

business continuity plan panama city fl

It was not a crack answer that the top dog gave to the potentially enterprising youngster. Instead of coaching this youngster like a grand master, the boss in charge – in charge? Really? – and quite large in all the wrong places – too many inconsequential ‘business lunches’ perhaps? – he’d give the hard worker a whipping come every Monday morning when the stats were out.

And it was no wonder that this poor boy sweated his way from Friday night before all the way through the weekend. He had no clue what to do next. Which was why he asked the boss. Just what is it I can do? Just what can we do to rescue this here business of ours. How do you do it? Have you any tips for us, dear sir? Well it’s like this, son, or so the boss ends up saying. I do what is necessary to keep my job.

Really? Is that it? Is that how it is done? No way, Jose! That is not how it’s done, no sirree, Bob. A business continuity plan, it seems to be the case, is going to have to come from elsewhere. And yes, you are so right. It is still a professional practice, even though the work is outsourced.